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Sh Narender Rana ji Hailing from Sandhol, Distt. Mandi, of Himachal Pradesh,Sh Narendra Rana did his initial schooling from Dalhousie Public school, Dalhousie, and then shifted to Mumbai and completed his schooling from there. After obtaining his Bachelors from NIT Kurukshetra in 1997, he got his Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing & Finance in the year 1999, from IIS-IIM, Kochi in Kerala. Coming from a family of Industrialists he had an opportunity to utilize his expertise and knowledge to expand on the scope of their existing business pan India, and succeeded in establishing a country wide network of channel partners and successfully monitored the all India sales for the mutual profitability of the channel partners and the business. In 2008, along with his father Sh. PC Rana, he laid

the foundation for the formation of the Dhauladhar Education Society, with the sole aim of giving back to the Society what it had given him. The decision to establish an Engineering Institute, took shape in the year 2009, the aim, being, to provide the local youth an opportunity to get professional, and quality technical education at their door step rather than go to other states for such education, at rates comparatively lesser, when compared to the cost of such education in the other states. Since then he has been working hard in the interests of the student fraternity and has always pioneered in getting student centric policies in place year after year. The Dhauladhar Education Society today proudly boasts of having expanded their scope by starting up of a Polytechnic, Law & Hotel management courses within their ambit.

Chairman’s Message

The inspiration behind the establishment of Himachal Institute of Engineering Technology has been the concept that quality education forms the basic foundation of quality life. Education enables people to aspire and follow their dreams and goals in a focused and logical way . In other words Shiksha (education) enables Sampannata (wealth) and never the other way around. Bearing this in mind the Dhauladhar Education society took upon itself the onus of providing access to such quality education to youth of Himachal Pradesh in particular and surrounding state of J&K and Punjab and providing them with a cutting edge ability to compete in the world ahead.

Moreover, with India expected to be the youngest nation in terms of working population age, the future sustainability of the Economy would largely depend on the ability of our country to impart the right quality of education in an affordable way. The idea here is not only to provide an assembly line degree to the aspirants but to mould and sculpt them in such a way that they learn to adapt to change while remaining sensitive towards the requirements of the society at large .

In the coming years, our focus would be not only to sustain our growth in the engineering sector alone but to diversify and provide for the same standard of education in the field of medical sciences and achieve new heights with every passing year.

Wish you all good luck!!!!